Saturday, September 22, 2018


The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners have adopted a program for the disposal of dilapidated housing.  This program allows several options for Lincoln County landowners who recognize a need to dispose of dilapidated structures at the construction/demolition pit of the Lincoln County Landfill.

Section 1
The following is list of options for disposal of dilapidated properties.  Each landowner will need to assess their individual needs and choose an option that best fits their circumstances.

Option 1
Lincoln County residents may dispose of dilapidated structures at a reduced rate of $35.00 per ton, if all conditions are met as described in Section 2 of this plan.

Option 2
Disposal fess will be waived if the landowner deeds the property to the respective city and if all conditions are met as described in section 2 of this plan.  (This option will remain in effective as long As there is adequate space in the construction/demolition pit).

Option 3 Refund Program
Lincoln County residents may dispose of dilapidated structures at a reduced rate, if all conditions are met as described in Section 2 of this plan.  Lincoln County may refund part or all of the disposal fees, previously paid, if the landowner rebuilds upon the now vacant lot.  To qualify for partial or full refund the following conditions must be met:

1.      The landowner shall build one of the following:

a.      House.

b.      Manufactured home on a permanent foundation.  Permanent foundation is described as follows: a basement, solid concrete foundation or concrete blocks used as a skirting to the manufactured home.

c.       Closed building structure.

2.      Building must be complete within 3 years of date of disposal.

3.      The structure must meet an appraised value qualification:

a.      $9,000-$35,000 will be refunded 50% of actual disposal fee costs.

b.      Over $35,000 will be refunded 100% of actual disposal costs.

Refunds will be made in three equal payments, not to exceed the amount originally paid, over a three year equal payments, not to exceed the amount originally paid, over a three year period.  If a landowner sells the now vacant lot and the lot is then developed within a three year period the original landowner may apply for a refund based upon the conditions listed above.

Option 4 Cost Share Program
Lincoln County agrees to a cost share program, in which Lincoln County reduces the disposal rate by an amount equal to the amount paid by the respective city, this amount shall not exceed $10.00 per ton.  Example: City pays $10.00 per ton, County reduces $10.00 per ton and resident pays $15.00 per ton.

Section 2
The following conditions must be met to qualify for all options listed above.  If the conditions are not met then the landowner will be assessed a disposal rate of $60.00 per ton.  Lincoln County reserves the right to refuse disposal of any materials if the conditions below are not met, and puts Lincoln County at risk for violations from KDHE.

  • All non-construction demolition material must be removed prior to demolition.  Such as household items, clothing, toys, appliances, furniture, window drapery and/or blinds, trash, etc.
  • The house must be inspected by landfill/transfer station operator Carrie Meili, or other county employee as approved by the Board of Commission, prior to demolition, to ensure that all non-construction demolition materials are removed.
  • Owner must contact the landfill/transfer station operator at least on week in advance to pre-arrange dumping c/d materials.
  • Dumping must be continuous on the day that was prearranged.  (Intermittent small daily loads will not be allowed to dump at the reduced rate).
  • All rock, stone, cement or brick foundations must be separated from the c/d material and disposed in a location designated by the landfill/transfer station operator.
  • Payment arrangements must be made prior to the disposal.  If the disposal rates are not made as arranged, then the remaining balance will be assessed to the property taxes of the tract of land in which demolition has occurred.

Section 3
All landowners will be required to sign a Notice of Understanding prior to the disposal date of construction/demolition materials.

Approved by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners September 30th, 2013