Tuesday, January 15, 2019


(Pictured: Back row:Russ Black, Ray Harlow, Leon Kingan, Steve McReynolds, Craig Bacock and Michael O’hare; Front row: Doug Budreau, Del Vignery,  Terry Stertz, Jason Zachgo and James Reynolds)

The Lincoln County Rescue Squad is dispatched to emergencies with the appropriate fire department.  The rescue squad responds to accident for emergency removal of victims and is called out in the case a search is required.

Chief Lowell Vonada said the rescue squad has two rescue trucks with air bottles, and one that supports the under water dive team.

Chief Lowell Vonada is currently working on a grant with the Emergency Management to get money for a larger truck partially because the trucks the squad currently uses are too slow.

Members of the rescue squad include:  Greg Babcock, Russ Black, Harlod Brummer, Doug Budreau, Jay Core, Terry Finch, Ray Harlow, James Reynolds, Bret Kingan, Leon Kingan, Gordon Krueger, Galen Liggett, Steve McReynolds, Mike O’Hare, H.E. Peters, Loren Peterson, Mike Street, Deedra Stertz, Terry Stertz, Rick Verbeck, Del Vignery, Lowell Vonada, Jason Zachgo, Louis Zsuzics, Troy Anderson, Ryan Batchman, Willie Knapp, Shawn Kobbeman, Rod Larsen, Jess Meyer, David Smith, Jr., Bill Hickert, Roy Folk, and Doug Holecek.